Women Socio-Economic Activities in the Horn of Africa


Women in Africa have made an enormous contribution to economies in businesses, farmhands, entrepreneurs, and employees as well as unpaid homemakers. This experience has gained them the knowledge to solve issues concerning gender equality, poverty eradication, and other forms of discrimination against women.

Governments should come up with National plans, policies, strategies, budgets, and justice mechanisms to be able to strengthen women’s Economic Empowerment to increase stability, capacity, build assets, steady income, and business leadership roles.

Women empowerment initiatives involve only women and their activities to enhance women’s confidence and strengthen skills that enable them to achieve their goals. It is therefore the process of transformation whereby women/girls have the opportunity to explore their capabilities, exercise their voice, at home and/or in the workplace.

Society should also allow women to participate in decision making, by engaging and promoting them in The National Electoral Systems and political parties as this encourages equality towards women candidates and support each other’s development forums.

Most African countries value education for women as it is one of the most important components to women’s equality and a foundation to exercise their skills in different fields.

The Horn of Africa countries should also embrace and note that the economic strength of women is instrumental towards achieving more pillars of sustainable development.