Climate Change Action


With the ever-growing shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, the time is now for everyone to act and address climate change.
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Our Approach
We believe in community engagement to address social issues. Climate change is one such issue. With our resources on research, we believe public opinion on what communities need to do to address climate change is equally as important as the resolutions that came out of COP26 .
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Research & Climate Change
We have developed research strategies aimed at engaging communities in the Horn of Africa on addressing the climate change issues.
Research Team


Projects Done


Surveys Carried Out


Focus Group Discussions


Our Thematic Areas

Enhancing our Partners Capacity

Our goals are to enhance the capacity of our partners through the provision of training, capacity building, research and management consultancy services.
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Research, Evaluation and Assessment
We provide worldwide research & evaluations in different topics of interest. This includes assessments & surveys.
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Democracy, Governance and Peace Building
We provide election & policy analysis, poll surveys & bespoke policy advisory services in fragile, conflict and post conflict areas
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Economic Growth and Livelihoods
We have extensive experience in economic growth & livelihoods that create jobs & opportunities for poverty reduction
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HACOF Satisfaction Surveys
Our satisfaction surveys are designed to help businesses understand what their customers think about their products or services, their brand, and their customer support.
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Third Party Monitoring and Verification (TPM)
We offer third party monitoring & verification services to our partners for activities based in the Horn of Africa
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Media Monitoring and Analysis
We have media experts who follow trends & stories in local & international media with the ability to provide regular analysis
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Organizational Development Services
We build, develop, and strengthen the capacity of our partners in the Horn of Africa through the provision of training.
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
IVR is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers to help improve our clients' audience reach & data collection, and data monitoring on variables of interest.
Our Clientelle

Organisations we work with

We are proud to engage with a wide range of partners from Non-Government Organisations, Private Sector Institutions, Donors and others who participate in the growth, development, and progression in the communities we work.