Energy Sector

Recognizing that more people across the region are connected to the grid, the luxury of having access to electricity comes at a cost. Energy service providers are mainly private sector who heavily rely on diesel generators for electricity generation which is costly, contributes to carbon emissions, and lack funding to expand access to remote locations beyond urban centers. There is growing interest and investment in hybrid systems that draw on solar and wind energy resources. We support governments in creating policy, legal and regulatory frameworks necessary to attract private investment in clean energy, increase energy efficiency, and expand access so as to power regional economic and social development. Our interventions brings together technical experts, the private sector, and governments from the region to work in partnership to increase the number of people with access to cleaner and more reliable electricity. Our approach will focus on off-grid solutions taking advantage of the untapped solar, wind and bioenergy to increase electricity access to the most vulnerable and remote communities. While adopting renewable energy technologies, we will implement low-cost clean energy technology and energy efficiency solutions for development contributing to resilient energy systems.