Climate Mitigation

Gender, Climate and Conflict Analysis in Somalia and Assessment of Opportunities for Climate Agriculture and Livelihoods
Evidence, Data and Information on Gender, Climate and Conflict analysis in Somalia points to opportunities for climate-smart agriculture and livelihood enhancement. Preliminary analysis for crisis-affected and at-risk women in select locations in Somalia undertaken through consultations with partner agencies revealed gaps in this area. To respond to the challenge of climate change, achieve food security and alleviate poverty, UN Women would engage in actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively enhance the livelihood of crises affected communities.
HACOF was contracted to examine the opportunities for climate-smart agriculture, livelihood opportunities for crisis-affected and at-risk women in select locations in Somalia. The firm will undertake the study and take the overall lead and processes including the development of questionnaires, production of inception, report and final assessment paper approximately 50 to 70 pages based on the study report from collected data.
Baseline Study Report on NGOs and CSOs
The IGAD Regional CSO Facility is a pilot phase Grant Fund that is disbursed to NGOs/CSOs within the IGAD Region to implement projects focused on enhancing the resilience of pastoralists’ communities to drought and addressing drylands issues at the grassroots level. With support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is implementing a pilot project “IGAD Regional Civil Society Drylands Facility (IGAD CSO Facility)”, this project aims at facilitating the engagement of NGOs/CSOs in its Member States in building resilience in drylands.
This initiative seeks to involve NGOs/CSOs in implementing natural resource management (NRM), livelihood interventions, and other resilience-building initiatives within the region. This project and specifically this study assignment seeks to develop a database of NGOs/CSOs active in the areas of environment, water, and natural resources management in IGAD Member States, with special reference to the context of drylands. This study was carried out in Somalia as one of the many other similar studies being done in other IGAD member states.
Environmental Relief Project in Somalia
The Ramaad project is expected to address the conservation of the environment in Somalia that is subject to threats due to desertification caused particularly by the cutting of trees for charcoal.
The project is now at a one-year pilot stage and the long-term objective is to enhance the sustainable development of the environment, empower local people, and reduce extreme poverty. Some of the project activities include awareness-raising seminars to local communities, experimenting with energy-saving stoves, training about tree planting and seedling production, establishing support groups, and preparing the construction of environmental protection canters.
Baseline assessment in Breaking climate conflict Cycle in Galmudug
The aim of this project was to reduce environmental induced displacement and conflict in Galmudug state and support communities to sustain climate conflict mitigation strategies