Third Party Monitoring

Our TPM Services

HACOF provides third-party monitoring and verification services to its partners for activities based in the Horn of Africa. We carry out monitoring to ensure that the criteria of standards have been met, and to assess the beneficiary accountability mechanisms that are in place.

Our clients have benefitted from this monitoring by obtaining data that inform changes that increase impact. The monitoring services also allow our clients to enhance their efficiency in reporting by cutting down response times due to our presence on the ground. The use of local consultants has the added benefit of decreasing security risks for our partners’ staff members in cases where work activities are being carried out in a volatile environment.

Additionally, the use of our localized services to carry out third-party monitoring decreases operational costs, making it more cost-effective. It also increases accountability by involving an unbiased third party. Thus, our partners experience reduced risk for deviations that would waylay project implementation.