Research, Evaluation and Assessment

Our REA Services

Baseline, midterm and end-line assessments

We provide worldwide research and evaluations on different topics of interest. Our experts design and implement various researches by carrying out different kinds of assessments and surveys to meet our client’s thirst for knowledge on the specific issues of concern at different stages of our project right from the onset till completion of the project to help answer all the research questions.

Feasibility studies

We provide feasibility studies which is a highly needed area by our clients who require local consultants, we have highly skilled and technical experts who can provide immediate solutions and practicality on the best approach by carrying out assessment and analysis of the projects.

Project monitoring and evaluation

Governments and donors are very much interested in the impacts resulting from the application of development initiatives and programs in the East African region. M&E services are highly required to ensure the achievement of objectives, examine compliance with timeframes and estimate the extent of positive effects. Our expertise covers the development of both theory and practice in monitoring and evaluation methodology and our wealth of knowledge and experience allow us to provide a comprehensive set of monitoring and evaluation services. On the organizational level, we assist enterprises in the design, management, and review of monitoring systems on both the project and/or enterprise levels. We are also able to provide governments with M&E systems for public sector management and strategies.

Market research/opinion polls

HACOF provides comprehensive market research for countries of the Horn of Africa. By leveraging our local presence in the Horn of Africa, and our expertise, we are able to create better strategic, innovative, and decisive solutions in comparison to more remotely placed service providers. In-depth market research in the region is made possible through the use of our local consultants. HACOF will conduct public views and perceptions surveys on a number of issues ranging from economic, political, societal, technological, and legal trends. The opinions polls are conducted in a thorough and comprehensive way in most cases avoiding sampling where possible. This will go a long way in raising the company’s profile and reputation.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental problems are complex, and addressing them requires integrated approaches using a broad skills base. Our consultancy services in this thematic area aim to provide integrated solutions, drawing from researchers/consultants own basic research as well as those of others, building on historical strengths and experience while at the same time working across disciplinary and institutional boundaries.