Economic Growth & Livelihoods

Our EGL Services

HACOF has extensive experience and strong capabilities in economic growth and livelihoods that create new jobs and business opportunities that help uplift people out of poverty. We have successfully conducted various researches on livelihood and economic growth in post-conflict countries and challenging environment to help with skills and knowledge to attract foreign investments and enhance new opportunities to grow the local market.
We help our client achieve great ideas on how to improve the livelihoods of the affected populations and promote decisions on how to implement effective economic strengthening activities to prevent and mitigate poverty by encouraging long-term economic growth and development in different sectors of the economy. Through our researches on economic growth and livelihood, we provided our client with long-term solutions to inform future programming in the implementation of developmental projects and worked with businesses and Firms to increase their participation in local and international markets.

HACOF also helps clients on issues of economic growth and livelihood and supports their key objectives through cost-effective management and delivery by building and developing evidence-based programming policies.