Democracy, Governance & Peace Building

Our DGP Services


We provide election and policy analysis, poll surveys and bespoke policy advisory services.


We provide research and advisory services in fragile, conflict, and post-conflict areas. Our pools of experts are drawn from civil society, international organizations, and government.

Participatory governance and civic education

We undertake research and capacity building on civic education structures, laws, and training. Our consultants have also expertise in devolution in Kenya; rights-based civic education approach, legal sector reforms, and democratic institution strengthening.

Access to justice

we provide training and research on access to justice in Somalia, our experts have an understanding of Somalia’s plural justice system, current reforms, national action plans, and strategies. We build the capacity of key actors and potential partners. Our teams have also an understanding of the constitutional development process and the obstacles to police, justice, and legal reforms.

Peace education & conflict resolution

We have some of the best teams with varied understanding of conflict resolution, training, and research in the region. Our teams are composed of authors, researchers, and academics with experience working in some of the world’s conflict-stricken zones.


our consultants have knowledge of countering violent extremism and preventing violent extremism as researchers, trainers, and analysts working in Somalia and North Eastern Kenya.