Research and Context Analysis

Operating in a world where data is essential for decision making processes, there is need to transform data into concise, meaningful, and easily communicated information that can be put into action. Our approach combines creative client-centric qualitative and quantitative research, advanced analytics, strategic thinking and data visualization. We orient our research agendas to regional development priorities bringing independent evidence to the forefront of decisions supporting improved economic growth and development in the region. We work with a cross-sectional group of people ranging from governments, development and humanitarian partners, civil society, private sector and community members. We strive to engage with policy actors in developing, reviewing and implementing policies and programs relevant to the region’s development agenda. Our work is underpinned by our strong foundation of clear understanding of the context and environments in which we operate. Context analysis of root causes to key issues such as conflict drivers and grievances at the grassroot levels gives us a leverage in understanding impactful research assignments.