Promoting Inclusive Market in Somalia (PIMS)

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    Development Alternative Inc. (DAI)/ DFID

Promoting Inclusive Market in Somalia (PIMS) program over the last three years has been working in the dairy sector (Somaliland and Puntland), sesame sector (Shabelle Valley), and fisheries sector (Puntland) to deliver long term solutions through implementing partners (lead firms) to address the bottlenecks that hinder the optimal functioning of these value chains.

Alongside the value chain development aspects, PIMS program has rehabilitated key infrastructure assets including irrigation canals in the Jowhar region, grazing land areas in Burao (Somaliland), and milk feeder roads in Somaliland and Puntland regions. The infrastructure assets were strategically selected in order to contribute to the desired market development outcomes e.g., opening up more farmland for irrigation, reduction of post-harvest losses as a result of reduced transit time from farm gates to markets among others.