Endline Assessment of Supply & Installation of Solar Street lights

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    Adam Smith (Somalia Stability Fund)

Puntland: Supply and installation of solar streetlights in eight (8) locations of Bari, Karkaar, and Nugal regions of Puntland. The solar street lighting project was necessitated by security needs and the urge to do normal business during the night. The project was funded by Adam Smith International through Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) which further contracted Sky Energy and Construction Company in Dec 2017 to supply and install the solar street lights in eight locations.

Apex Engineering Ltd was contracted by the Somali Stability Fund (SSF) Program to manage and Supervise the supply and installation of solar street lights by Sky energy.

Galdogob: community perceptions of lighting and police station for improved security, with particular consideration of the perceptions of women and female youth (physical mobility and safety, trust in police, the impact of security on the ability to conduct business and socialize). Under this project, SSF built Police Station, Market, and Street light.