Director’s Message

Mr. Mohamed Hassan

Director's Message

HACOF was conceived as result of our founder’s visit to Somalia. Mohamed Hassan, HACOF founder and Executive Director, paid a short visit to Mogadishu to participate in a train-the-trainer seminar on institutional development for the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Federal Government of Somalia in 2012. While in Somalia, Mr Hassan came to realise that there was a severe gap when it came to in-depth research to aid development and institutional capacity building in Somalia.

Therefore, once he returned to Kenya and consulted with few colleagues, he decided to start up a consulting firm. The goal of this firm would be two-pronged, to facilitate understanding of the field and build capacity, and to promote good governance and reconciliation among the communities involved. Over the years, HACOF has experienced tremendous growth due to increasing demand in the market. Due to the increased number of opportunities, the firm has expanded both in scale and in presence. We have since supported several institutions through capacity building and training in their efforts to meet each organization’s respective goal.