Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

In order to address widespread food insecurity and help communities become increasingly resilient to shocks including conflict and economic and environment-related shocks, HACOF focuses on sustainable livelihoods for people displaced by conflict and those who have returned to their homes by strengthening community and intercommunal resource sharing such as water and land management practices to promote peaceful coexistence and reduce conflict over competition for limited natural resources. Our interventions help governments to boosts exports of agriculture, livestock, and fisheries products and increase job opportunities in the region that is largely recovering from years of conflict and recurrent natural disasters. Our interventions are designed to improve food security and community household recovery and resilience. Our goal is to improve effectiveness of local systems and strengthen the capacities of communities and governments to achieve gender-responsive and diversified market-sensitive production; facilitate the production of diverse, nutritious foods by strengthening productivity, reducing food loss, and expand household and community opportunities for sustainable, locally driven livelihoods. Our approach will ultimately help graduate communities from crisis, emergency, and famine to less acute phases of food insecurity, and ultimately support a transition from reliance on humanitarian assistance to development and economic growth.